Storage Next: Disruption, Opportunities and Funding Insights

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020
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Storage technology is gradually pivoting towards an all-Flash, software-defined, AI-driven, and disruptive model to better manage the critical dimensions of data, i.e. storage, protection, and analytics. This disruption in the Storage technology has propelled organizations to achieve the next level of cost-saving, efficiency, and an environment that is predictive and supports future data growth and scalability needs. While it’s tough to predict the future, this keynote attempts to throw ample light on the overall health of the Storage industry, the prevailing micro trends, ongoing disruptions, venture funding and sector analysis, and the emerging market opportunities to focus on.

Learning Objectives

Gain insights into modern day disruption happening in Storage technology,The M&A and VC Funding activities happening in Storage industry,Storage Industry Micro trends and opportunities

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