Storage Virtualization in Modern Data Centers

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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IT is undergoing a radical change. Instant provisioning of resources & complete flexibility of infrastructure is the new standard. The maturity of public cloud offerings is pressuring organizations to become more cost effective. These challenges are the force behind innovation in the DC, driving agility, density & flexibility. The agility & service model of provisioning IT infrastructure has started a wave of virtualization in data centers with software driven management & orchestration. The virtualization of compute through VMs & implementation of (SDN) has solved some of the issues around compute & network flexibility. Storage virtualization enable deployment of commodity hardware, coupled with an intelligent software layer to provide data services. Improving (TCO) through optimization of resource utilization & using lower cost hardware platforms in enterprise solutions plays an integral role in driving efficiency at scale. Deploying an intelligent storage abstraction layer that provides data services & that adapts to various modern workloads is needed to solve the challenges of managing unprecedented data growth today.

How can we remove the complexity & resource drain to enable the enterprise to benefit from storage virtualization while aggregating all data services within a single software-defined platform for storage environments including – physical, virtual, active, inactive, current, legacy – to protect, manage, & leverage business information in the evolving DC?

Learning Objectives

Enable organizations to simplify and converge data services, existing resources and infrastructure
Virtualize storage to enable the efficient movement of data to, from and across storage workloads
The importance of a unified intelligent abstraction layer in virtual environments
The importance of being able to virtualize and deliver unified data services