Testing iSCSI / SCSI Protocol Compliance Using Libiscsi

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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Presenting the libiscsi iSCSI/SCSI test suite. There are many independent iSCSI/SCSI software targets on the market today but no real iSCSI/SCSI test suites. My experience from writing tests and testing many popular iSCSI/SCSI implementations has shown me there is a real need for a good test suite. The libiscsi userspace initiator library comes with a comprehensive iSCSI/SCSI test suite. This is the most complete and comprehensive open test suite available for SCSI target implementors today. This presentation will cover the structure of libiscsi, the testsuite, how to add more tests. We will look at source code and we will run a short demo against a software target. And we will talk about how this test suite will help your target be better. This presentation targets iSCSI target developers. It aiming to show a test suite that can be easily extended and applied in an automated regression test framework and the benefits it will bring to improve target quality.

Learning Objectives

SCSI/iSCSI testing and test suites
Automated protocol compliance testing for your development workflow
Creating SCSI protocol compliance tests.