Transparent Encryption and Dual End Point Access Controls to Secure AWS S3 buckets

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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Amazon AWS S3 storage is widely deployed to store everything from customer data, server logs, software repositories and so on. Poorly secured S3 buckets have resulted in many publicized data breaches. The cloud service provider's shared responsibility model places responsibility on customers for protecting the confidentiality, availability and integrity of their data. Thales Cipher Trust Encryption Cloud Object Storage for S3 secures S3 objects by enabling advanced encryption along with dual end point access controls. Access controls are enforced both at the client host running the AWS S3 application and at the AWS S3 server end. The encryption offered by CTE COS for S3 is independent of AWS's S3 server side encryption. See Figure 1 Encryption and access controls are completely transparent to applications while AWS S3 administrative procedures remain unchanged after software agent deployment. Continuously enforced encryption policies protect against unauthorized access even in the case of AWS misconfigurations. Data access to 'protected' S3 buckets is tracked through detailed audit logs. CTE's granular, least-privileged user access policies protects sensitive data in S3 buckets from external attacks and misuse by other privileged users. CTE security administrators can frame client host policies to allow or deny actions involving ACLs like reading, writing, enumerating and deleting S3 buckets or even individual objects in a S3 bucket. In addition, client policies can also specify permissible users and applications capable of accessing protected AWS S3 buckets. AWS S3 server side access controls can also be simultaneously and transparently enabled with custom AWS IAM policies and roles. S3 bucket data accesses are only allowed from hosts configured with Ciphertrust Transparent Encryption. Cloud access controls and its management can therefore be offloaded to client hosts with additional control points for permitting specific local identities and applications. CTE COS S3 dual end point access controls and encryption therefore prevent S3 data breaches against unauthorized accesses even in the midst of misconfigured buckets and rogue insider threats. CTE COS S3 is FIPS 140-2 Level certified and is a part of the Ciphertrust Data Security platform.

  • TLS interception techniques to enable inline access controls and encryption of data payloads
  • Access controls and data encryption at the operating systems level
  • Protection and secure storage of internally used credentials and other secrets

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