Unification of Data Center Fabrics with Ethernet: A High Speed Peek into the Future!

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Monday, April 16, 2007
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A key challenge that the network and storage industries are now facing is the abundance of new high speed interconnect protocols proposed for future data center applications. The challenge of reducing the number of disparate networks and minimize the complexity surrounding the management of data centers is key to cost reduction. In this presentation we take a peek into what the future may hold for high speed fabrics and investigate the potential for their unification. We will provide a market and technical overview of the competitive landscape for next generation 10Gb technologies with particular focus on the operational characteristics and implementation aspects of Ethernet. Also we will postulate as to how fabric unification may continue to evolve. Attendees will gain an insight into the pragmatic issues surrounding the deployment and management of connectivity infrastructure as we move towards the data center of the future.

Learning Objectives

The audience will learn how hardware, software, standards and innovation are all needed to derive the vision of a unified fabric utilizing 10GE for the data center of the future. The unification of fabrics is not an all or nothing approach. There is a clearly defined unified fabric sweet spot within a data center. The audience will learn to identify and assess if this approach is right for their data center and business level objectives. In this session you will learn the differences between reactive innovation vs proactive innovation and how it applies to 10G, Acceleration, OS virtualization, HW virtualization and the evolution of storage fabrics.
The audience will learn the basic fundamentals of Ethernet and 10Gb.