Unified Heterogeneous Storage Monitoring : Is delfin a Way Forward?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Storage Administrators having challenges in monitoring data centres with rapid data growth combined with heterogeneous devices and increased service level expectations. Every vendor has monitoring solutions with different views of storage infrastructure. Some of the unified information’s which helps administrator to plan his infrastructure are Capacity by trend (Used for Block, File, Object) Capacity by purpose ( Primary ,Local Replica, Remote replica) Capacity by service level SLA bottle neck in the data path. There are vendor specific solutions for such needs with some support for other vendors as well (specific and custom based on the original vendors!). However this is not unified or collaborative or open! A unified open solution can help the storage ecosystem to collaborate to make it standard going forward. Let us explore SODA Foundation delfin architecture and roadmap whether it is inline and how much it can help in this regard This session is to discuss how unified data models can be built for different concepts and KPIs across multi vendors. It discusses the architecture tenets of delfin and provides the technical insights. The session also tries to bring the open points and challenges for the same. It opens up a discussion on the topic which can help to get technical views to collaborate in future.

Learning Objectives

Understanding of SRM challenges in heterogeneous environments.,Understanding of Challenges is unifying multi-vendor concepts and KPIs.,SODA foundations role in unifying multi-vendor products,Introduction to delfin.,Possibilities of delfin in planning and optimizing end-to-end storage infra

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