The Unintended Consequences of Converged Data Center Deployment Models

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012
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The last two years have seen FCoE move from buzz to production deployments. As this has happened many customers and vendors have had to start dealing with the many of the unintended and unexpected consequences that arise as a result of the move to a converged infrastructure. Customers and partners are seeing differences and challenges in a number of areas including
* Changes in the server redundant nic model due to io consolidation and CNA operating models
*Tension between storage dual independent rail and Ethernet/ip fully connected networks
*Differences in the HA assumptions around Ethernet/IP and FC platforms
*Implications in the L2/L3/Firewall deployment model resulting from end to end FCoE *Implications of multi protocol storage networks (mixed has iscsi fcoe big-data)-*Challenges in maintain the traditional rigorous FC Qualification Matrix / Firmware requirements model.

During this session we will examine these areas and review both the challenges and some potential solutions to meet the full datacenter requirements list.

Learning Objectives

What are the implications on server/storage connectivity in a converged network
What are the implications on HA design in a converged network
What are the operational/support implications in terms of configuration control and firmware release support