Unlocking the potential of NVMe-oF and Software Defined Storage - Part 1

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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During the last two decades, the data center world has been moving to a “Software Defined Everything” paradigm. This has been taken care of mostly by hypervisors running on the x86 up to recently.

In parallel, a new communication protocol to interface with SSDs has been specified from the ground-up, allowing to fully exploit the levels of parallelism and performances of all-flash storage: NVMe, and NVMe-oF. NVMe-oF promises to enable the performances of direct attached all-flash storage with the flexibility an TCO savings of shared storage. To fully unlock the benefits of NVMe-oF while keeping the software defined paradigm, we believe a new kind of processor is needed: the Data Processing Unit, or DPU.

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