Use of Storage Security in the Cloud

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Monday, September 19, 2011
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Everyone is concerned with the security of their storage in the cloud, however; security in any particular case depends on what the user is trying to accomplish. Someone storing pictures of their children in the cloud will have a different idea of security than someone who is generating payroll information. Storage security needs to be implemented with an understanding of the different needs of different users. Enterprises will want to use secure private clouds that are customized to their individual security requirements, while individuals will want public clouds to address their needs. The most important security requirements will be those that satisfy the needs of the greatest number of users in a particular cloud environment.

Learning Objectives

Describe common use cases for storage in the cloud, from Infrastructure as a Service to Storage as a Service.
Compare how different use cases have different security needs.
Compile a list of security requirements for storage in clouds, both private and public, to satisfy these needs.
Show how these requirements might be implemented.