Using Native NVMe-oF SSDs to Advance Computational Storage

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Thursday, August 8, 2019
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Native NVMe-oF SSDs enable networked storage capacity to grow independently of compute. Today’s NVMe storage nodes are typically underutilized and can service only locally attached drives through PCIe. In a world of mega datacenters and highly virtualized workloads, this is no longer an efficient scalable architecture. Enter Ethernet, the most common, scalable, best understood, and least expensive fabric available. The result is low-cost storage networking while maintaining low latency and high throughput. NVMe-oF provides a scalable solution for intelligent storage clusters, storage appliances, and a variety of data-intensive applications including artificial intelligence (AI), real-time analytics, and IoT. Full access to Ethernet networking functions makes computational storage more compelling, more powerful, and easier to use.