Using SMI-S with the Cloud Data Management Interface

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010
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The Cloud Data Management Interface(CDMI) SNIA Architecture provides an interoperable and vendor-neutral control and data path management interface for both public and private clouds. The Storage Management Initiative Specification(SMI-S) provides an interoperable and vendor-neutral interface for management of SAN systems. SMI-S is the ideal solution to provide the control path implementation for CDMI implementations that are being used to export legacy protocols such as iSCSI and CIFS. This session will provide an overview of such a solution including standard to standard object mapping, code examples, and demonstration.

Learning Objectives

Understand key aspects of the CDMI and SMI-S architectures necessary to understand how the two can work together. Learn how the CDMI object hierarchy can map to an SMI-S profile object model.
Learn RESTful principles and how RESTful open source components can be leveraged to route RESTful HTTP operations to an SMI-S client middle-layer.