Weekend Watch: Container Storage and Kubernetes

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Friday, January 29, 2021
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Storage Developer Conference (SDC) 2020 offered great insights into some of the latest developments in container storage from interfaces to high performance solutions. The Container Storage Playlist on the SNIAVideo YouTube Channel dives into advancements in Kubernetes. Here you’ll find expert presentations on:

  • Storage Performance Development Kit - Container Storage Interface (CSI): How to develop, deploy and validate a CSI plugin in Kubernetes
  • Dynamic Storage Provisioning in Kubernetes of Persistent Volume (PV) and PV Claim (PVC): How a Kubernetes CSI driver enables a container storage provider to perform data management operations on storage resources
  • Leveraging Modern Networks to Deliver Faster Storage to Database Workloads in Kubernetes: Learn about advancements in networking and storage technologies, and how they blend together to address the demands of modern workloads and scheduling frameworks

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