What's Old is New Again - Storage Tiering (2013)

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013
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The SNIA defines tiered storage as “storage that is physically partitioned into multiple distinct classes based on price, performance or other attributes.” Although physical tiering of storage has been a common practice for decades, new interest in automated tiering has arisen due to increased availability of techniques that automatically promote “hot” data to high performance storage tiers – and demote “stale” data to low-cost tiers. Topics will include: • Fundamentals of Storage Tiering • Levels of granularity in tiering • Achieving optimal placement of data. • Recent innovations in logical and virtual tiering techniques • Using the cloud as a tier

Learning Objectives

Overview of the security challenges facing the consumer
Introduction to the tenets of the Trusted Computing Group, especially the integration of security into the computing infrastructure
Description of the TCG/SED technology, as a relevant example of trusted computing