Windows Interoperability Workshop 2016

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016
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Windows and POSIX are different, and bridging the gap between the two—particularly with Network File Systems—can be a daunting endeavor ...and annoying, too. This tutorial will provide an overview of the SMB3 network file protocol (the heart and soul of Windows Interoperability) and describe some of the unique and powerful features that SMB3 provides. We will also point out and discuss some of the other protocols and services that are integrated with SMB3 (such as PeerDist), and show how the different pieces are stapled together and made to fly. The tutorial will also cover the general structure of Microsoft's protocol documentation, the best available cartography for those lost in the Interoperability Jungle. Some simple code examples will be used sparingly as examples, wherever it may seem clever and useful to do so. Learning Objectives Become familiar with the Windows Interoperability Ecosystem Better understand Microsoft's Specifications Identify Windows-specific semantic details