xPU Accelerator Offload Functions

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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As covered in our first webcast “SmartNICs and xPUs: Why is the Use of Accelerators Accelerating,” we discussed the trend to deploy dedicated accelerator chips to assist or offload the main CPU. These new accelerators (xPUs) have multiple names such as SmartNIC, DPU, IPU, APU, NAPU.   

This second webcast in this series will cover a deeper dive into the accelerator offload functions of the xPU. We’ll discuss what problems the xPUs are coming to solve, where in the system they live, and the functions they implement, focusing on:

  •  Network Offloads 
  •  Security Offloads
  • Compute Offloads 
  • Storage Offloads

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