ZDM: Using an STL for Zoned Media on Linux

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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As zoned block devices supporting the T10 ZBC and T13 ZAC specifications are becoming available there few strategies for putting these low TCO ($/TB and watts/TB) drives into existing storage clusters with minimal changes to the existing software stack.

ZDM is a Linux device mapper target for zoned media that provides a Shingled Translation Layer (STL) to support a normal block interface at near normal performance for certain use cases.

ZDM-Device-Mapper is an open source project available on github with a goal of being upstreamed to the kernel.

Learning Objectives

ZDM performance compared to existing disc drive options
How to determine if your workload is a likely candidate for using ZDM.
How to use and tune ZDM effectively for your workload.
Using ZDM in cloud storage environments.
Using ZDM in low resource embedded NAS / mdraid.