ZenFS, Zones and RocksDB - Who Likes to Take out the Garbage Anyway?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Zoned Namespaces (ZNS) Command Set is an important and exciting new command set for NVMe™ devices. It exposes a zoned block storage interface between the host and the SSD, that allows the SSD to perfectly align the data to its media. As a result, it allows applications to minimize SSD write amplification, improve throughput and latency, and extend the life of the SSD. However, to have full advantage of ZNS, host support is required (e.g., file-systems and database systems), such that application data structures onto the characteristics of these zones. This talk presents ZenFS, a new RocksDB storage back-end which seamlessly creates an end-to-end integration with ZNS devices. We will show how ZenFS works with the constraints and advantages of ZNS SSDs, and how its co-design significantly improves RocksDB throughput, access latencies and capacity usage.

Learning Objectives

Efficient data placement for Zoned Storage,Performance and capacity advantages for ZNS,Zoned Namespaces

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