SNIA EMEA advances the interests of the storage industry by empowering organizations to translate data and information into business value by promoting the adoption of enabling technologies and standards. As a Regional Affiliate of SNIA Worldwide, we represent storage product and solutions manufacturers and the channel community across EMEA.


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Watch 2020 SDC EMEA Presentations

Great presentations from SDC EMEA 2020 are now on the SNIAVideo YouTube channel. Check out expert sessions on Computational Storage, Persistent Memory, SNIA Swordfish, AI and more all on the SNIAVideo YouTube Channel.

Intro to NVMe over Fabrics

Get an introduction to NVMe over Fabrics in the four videos we’ve curated in this playlist on the SNIAVideo YouTube Channel.

Native NVMe-oF™ Drive Specification v1.0.1 Published

The popularity of NVMe and NVMe-oF storage has resulted in the development of Ethernet-connected storage devices (Native NVMe-oF Drives) and subsystems supporting this standard interface. This document specifies the interfaces to these devices.


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Our areas of focus are well-aligned with both existing and emerging technologies, and with the needs of legacy and of emerging IT infrastructures.
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A Q&A on the Impact of AI
AI experts tackle common storage and data strategy challenges that arise from AI. SNIA Cloud Blog


#128: Surfing the World Wide File: SMB3 improvements for safe and efficient internet access
by Frank Li, Software Developer, Microsoft and Andy Ruiz Cabrera, Software Engineer 2, Microsoft SNIA Podcasts


On Demand Webcast: Notable Updates in NVMe-oF 1.1
In the past couple of years since its introduction, NVMe™ over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) has not been resting on any laurels. Work has been ongoing, and there are several updates that are worth talking about. There is more to a technology than its core standard, of course, and many different groups have been hard at work at improving upon, and fleshing out, many of the capabilities that are related to NVMe-oF. This webcast will explore a few of these projects and how they relate to implementing the technology. SNIA Webcasts


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