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Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) v2.0.0

The CDMI™ 2.0 International Standard is intended for application developers who are implementing cloud storage systems, and who are developing applications to manage cloud storage. It documents how to access cloud storage namespaces and how to manage the data stored in these namespaces. CDMI 2.0 adds support for encrypted objects, delegated access control, as well as general clarifications and errata contributed by vendors implementing the CDMI standard.

New Computational Storage Architecture and Programming Model for Public Review

This updated version incorporates efforts to drive standard terminology and direction of this innovative technology. And includes new Illustrative examples of use models for deploying solutions.

Key Value Storage API Specification v1.1

This document describes the Key Value (KV) Storage API specification for SSD storage devices with Key Value Storage. It provides applications with an interface to the KV functions available across multiple vendor SSD products independent of the underlying implementation, allowing developers to take advantage of KV storage without having to change the application as KV storage evolves.


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