Lightning Talks

What are Lightning Talks?

An informal presentation of ideas, opinions, stories, thoughts or insights delivered in a short period of time by multiple speakers.

What is the aim of Lightning Talks?

To provide an open and relaxed environment for anyone with something interesting, humorous or challenging to say, to share it with an audience of their counterparts. To introduce a more light-hearted, fun session at the end of a long day of technical education.

How will it work?

Lightning Talks are open to anyone attending SDC EMEA 2020. You do not have to be a speaker or a sponsor.

Attendees who would like to participate should contact the organisers ( with their name and title of their 5 minute talk. 6-8 proposals will be chosen based on their variety and title, the more intriguing the better, and invited to form the Lightning Talk session. 

During the Lightning Talk session, each chosen speaker will be given up to five minutes of the microphone time to share their views. No slides are involved. Each talk will be recorded for the SNIA YouTube Video channel.

How can I participate?

Send an email with your name and a title for your talk, and we will contact you if chosen.

What can we talk about?

Here are some sample ideas. The aim is to keep it interesting, light-hearted and engaging.

  • “A day in the life of a storage developer”
  • “Things I learned working for a storage startup”
  • “Did you know…. introducing a new technology”
  • “I wish I was a ….”
  • “Let me tell you the one thing that irritates me about this industry…”
  • “Why I enjoy working for….”
  • “I have a funny story to share with you…”