SDC EMEA Special Events

SNIA is creating a number of additional activities to support the SDC agenda and provide greater educational value and interest for our delegates.

SMB3 Interoperability Lab

We will once again be hosting the SMB3 Interoperability Lab (formerly known as the SMB3 Plugfest) and this is being extended to allow for more companies and more time for testing.

Persistent Memory Hackathon

The SNIA Persistent Memory Programming Hackathon Program takes place for the first time in EMEA at SDC in Tel Aviv and is included as part of the conference registration.

SNIA Swordfish™ Mockathon

A kick-off tutorial will enable participants to learn the basics of Swordfish mockups. Mentors will also provide examples in exercises so attendees can learn ways to use multiple aspects of Swordfish to mock up basic Swordfish configurations

SNIA Education Tracks

The SDC EMEA agenda will be expanded in February with the introduction of SNIA education sessions on the afternoon of February 4th.

Lightning Talks

An informal presentation of ideas, opinions, stories, thoughts or insights delivered in a short period of time by multiple speakers.