Call for Presentations

Speaker Information

The call for presentations for 2018 is now closed. Speakers needing the presentation template can download it here.

SDC is now seeking the brightest minds in the industry: professional storage developers and researchers willing to share their knowledge and experience by submitting a presentation proposal for consideration at SDC. Speakers are requested to share their technical knowledge for the benefit of the audience and to avoid sales or marketing presentations. Presentations will be chosen based on their technical merit and interest to the SDC audience.

The standard session length is 35 minutes, generally consisting of a 30-minute presentation plus 5 minutes for Q&A.

How to submit your presentation proposal

Submissions will only be accepted via the online form, which can be found here:

Examples of previously presented SDC technical sessions can be found at:

Important Dates/Deadlines

Deadline for submissions is January 16th 2018 - Call for presentations is now closed.

Final notification of acceptance/non-acceptance of proposals: January 26th 2018

Proposed Agenda Topics

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • New Fundamental Data, Storage and Device Technologies
  • Next Generation Datacenter (Storage) Architectures
  • Solid State Storage, Non-Volatile Memory
  • Persistent Memory (local and over fabrics)
  • Scalable and distributed Storage Systems
  • New Algorithms for Data Storage and Networking (e.g. erasure coding, ECC)
  • Object & Object Drive Storage
  • File & Block Access Protocols 
  • Cloud Storage
  • Software defined technologies 
  • Leveraging Open Source in Storage Development
  • Storage Management, SMI-S, Redfish and Swordfish
  • Hyperconvergence
  • Big Data Storage & Management
  • Energy efficient storage
  • Storage Performance
  • Storage for Virtual Platforms
  • High-speed Low Latency Interconnects
  • Storage Workloads Generated by Apps/Hypervisors/Operating Systems
  • Storage Security (e.g. sanitization, privacy/GDPR)
  • Long Term Data Retention, Archiving and Preservation