SDC India 2021 Speakers


Udayan Singh 

Chair, SNIA India

Udayan serves as the Chair of the SNIA India Board of Directors and is a Sr. Manager, Development, Veritas Technologies. He has 18+ yrs of experience in Product Development, Quality Assurance, Sustenance and Solution Development in the Storage industry. His key areas of focus are Solid State Storage (including NVMe), Clustering Systems, Replication technologies, Containers, Open Source Storage Technologies and Storage Solution Integration. Previously at TCS he was head of Software Product Engineering – Storage and Platform, Manageability, HiTech where he focused on latest trends that are impacting Storage, Platform & Manageability Software Product Companies, conceptualizing and leading development of Innovative Solutions that provide value to Storage and Platform companies. He has also led Cloud Data Management Interface Testing Solution in TCS in collaboration with SNIA US. He was also leading the Innovation Management Group of the HiTech ISU, where he focused on developing and implementation of new levers on Innovation. Also, he has held technical lead roles with Customers in the Telecom domain. Udayan has presented and published papers at the Storage Developer Conference / Storage Conferences and has filed multiple patents on various areas of Storage Technologies. He is also a member Computer Society of India.