Birds of a Feather Session Description

LTFS Tape and Cloud Storage

As the volume of data moving to the cloud accelerates, tape is becoming an increasingly viable and appealing option for bulk data transport (cloud seeding), cloud-to-cloud data movement, protection storage and high-latency cloud storage tiers. Come learn about the standardization work being done by the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technical working group at SNIA, in conjunction with the Cloud Technical Working Group to simplify and standardize these use cases, and discuss ways that tape and cloud can work together.

The Internet of Things – Impact on the Storage Industry

SNIA India will drive a BOF session looking at the development of the Internet of Things. The traditional pathways of information are changing. In the Internet of Things, sensors embedded in physical objects are linked through wireless networks, often using the same Internet Protocol (IP) that connects the Internet. The revolutionary aspect is that physical information systems are being deployed that work largely without human intervention. These networks are starting to create huge volumes of data for business analysis, and this session will examine what the impact may be on the storage industry – what aspects do we need to consider as this technology evolves?