Technical Symposia

 The SNIA Technical Work Groups (TWGs) meet face-to-face on a regular basis to work on the development of SNIA technical specifications and standards.

Upcoming Technical Symposia

The SNIA will not hold a July 2021 Technical Symposium.  The Technical Symposium would have been July 26-30 co-located with the DMTF Alliance Partner Technical Symposium (APTS).  The DMTF will be holding the APTS as a virtual event during the scheduled dates (  In addition, during the APTS virtual event the SNIA Technical Council will be holding a 2-day conference call followed by a 2-day SNIA Board conference call.  Due to the number of meetings taking place that week we are recommending to the TWGs that if they plan to hold a virtual face-to-face meeting do not hold it the same week as the APTS.
For each of the TWGs that will hold virtual face-to-face meetings, the Chairs will discuss plans with their group to determine their meeting schedule.  The TWGs may schedule time during a different week for dedicated work/meetings, or they may choose instead to add more time to their regular calls/meetings to address items they would have covered during the face-to-face.  Stay tuned for further updates from your TWG Chairs.  For TWGs that are holding virtual face-to-face meetings the TWG Chair will ensure that the TWG calendar reflects the details of the meeting.

Please contact Arnold Jones, SNIA Technical Council Managing Director, at or 407-574-7273 if you have any questions.