SSSI Data Recovery / Erase SIG


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SSDs present particular challenges when trying to erase all data or attempting to recover data from a broken drive. As a way to address these issues, SSSI has created the Data Recovery/Erase Special Interest Group. Read the press release here

The goal of the Data Recovery/Erase SIG is to provide a forum in which solution providers and solid state storage manufacturers can collaborate to enable data recovery and erase capabilities in solid state storage in such a way as to ensure that customer demands for these services can be met in a cost-effective and timely manner with a high likelihood of success.  In order to do this we will:

  • Utilize data recovery and erase use-cases, derived from solid state storage customers, to build a business case that can help support the need for improved data recovery and erase capabilities on solid state storage.
  • Create a feedback loop that allows data recovery providers to share field-failure information with solid state storage manufacturers to be used in product improvement initiatives.
  • Foster cooperation between solid state manufacturers and data recovery and erase providers in order to compile a list of technical assets (data sheets, specifications, firmware utilities, etc.) and capabilities (i.e. ability to perform a raw dump of NAND) that would improve the level of data recovery and erase support that can be offered to solid state storage customers.
  • Develop a means to protect sensitive technical information being shared between data recovery/erase providers and solid state storage manufacturers.
  • Work with standards bodies such as T13, SATA-IO, T10(SAS), PCI-SIG, JEDEC(eMMC and UFS), NVM Express(NVMe) to ensure future revisions of their specifications take into account the capabilities necessary to enable data recovery and erase functionality on solid state storage.
  • Collaborate with solid state storage manufacturers to encourage them to consider the capabilities needed to perform data recovery and erase during product design instead of developing recovery solutions retroactively as retro-active solutions are more costly to implement and less effective.


SSD Data Recovery: Benefits of Industrial Cooperation (White Paper)


As of July 1, 2015, you must be a SNIA SSSI member to continue to participate in the Data Recovery/Erase Special Interest Group.  For more information, and/or if you have questions, please contact the SIG Chair:


Scott Holewinski
President, Gillware Data Recovery