Geek Out on the Great Storage Debates

Geek Out on the Great Storage Debates

SNIA is committed to explaining storage technology from the ground up in a vendor-neutral way. These Great Storage Debates do just that by comparing technologies that perform broadly similar functions. There aren’t any winners or losers, but rather advantages and disadvantages, and specific use cases. So, let the debates begin!

File vs. Block vs. Object Storage

Want to understand how file, block and object are implemented on the underlying storage system? In this “Great Storage Debate” our SNIA experts compare file, block and object storage, and the access methods that support them. Each has its own set of use cases, advantages and disadvantages, and each provides simple to sophisticated ways to manage data. Geek Out here to learn the basics of file, block and object storage.

Q&A Blog: File vs. Block vs. Object Storage

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