Geek Out: NVMe over Fabrics

Geek Out on NVMe over Fabrics™

NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) is quickly becoming a popular storage networking protocol. It offers high performance, low latency, scalability, and support for existing network protocols: RDMA, Fibre Channel, and TCP. If you’re wondering how NVMe-oF really works, we’ve got you covered.

NVMe-oF: Looking Beyond Performance Hero Numbers

When it comes to performance of NVMe-oF one should look beyond test results that demonstrate NVMe-oF’s dramatic reduction in latency. There are other, more important, questions that should be asked in order to understand the fabric’s real-world benefits. Watch this video to gain insights from an industry wide panel of NVMe and fabric technology experts as they discuss the thought process you can use to determine pros and cons of a fabric for your environment.

The Basics

NVMe and NVMe-oF Selecting an NVMe over Fabrics Ethernet Transport NVMe over Fabrics in the Enterprise NVMe over Fabrics Demystified

Dive a little Deeper

Shared Storage using NVMe-oF Use Cases for NVMe-oF for Deep Learning Workloads and HCI Pooling Swordfish and Redfish Let’s Manage NVMe over Fabrics White Paper: Optimizing NVMe over Fabrics

NVMe-oF Blogs

NVMe over Fabrics for Absolute Beginners A Q&A on NVMe-oF Performance Hero Numbers Author of NVMe/TCP Spec Answers Your Questions Optimizing NVMe over Fabrics Performance Q&A


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