Blockchain Storage TWG

The Blockchain Storage TWG is created for the purpose of establishing architectures and software for blockchain storage. This TWG creates software and standards that enable specific features for these devices that meet the requirements of stakeholders with these Blockchain Storage needs.

The Blockchain Storage TWG:

  • Acts as a primary technical entity for the SNIA to identify, develop, and coordinate Blockchain Storage features to be added to storage devices.
  • Produces or extends interfaces to accommodate new features.
  • Promotes interoperability (for example plugfests) among devices and systems implementing a new Blockchain Storage feature.
  • Coordinates the submission of new feature proposals to standards groups (e.g., NVM Express, IEEE Blockchain, T10 or T11)
  • Creates software to encourage adoption of these updated features.
  • Builds Open Source Applications using Blockchain technology to solve interoperability and security concerns in the storage industry
  • Focuses on spearheading adoption of the Blockchain in the Storage industry

This is a new application for storage technology which may help addresses security threats, encourage adoption and expand storage applications.

Blockchain technology has already had widespread adoption in applications and having a solution for storage interoperability and testability can bring this adoption to a higher level. The Blockchain Storage TWG will take responsibility to promote open source applications and interop testing.

Additional details on this new TWG can be found in its charter and program of work.  If you are interested in participating in the Blockchain Storage TWG or would like additional information please contact Arnold Jones, SNIA Technical Council Managing Director, at