Standards and Open Source

SNIA standards are used in open source projects in various stages of development.  

Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI)

Project Description
bCDMI Simple Bash client for basic CDMI storage operations
CaDMIum CaDMIum is a CDMI client java library
CDMI on OpenStack Swift implementation A Python egg that adds support for the CDMI protocol to OpenStack Swift.
cdmi_shell This utility provides a *nix like shell interface for CDMI.
cdmi_test_suite A test suite for CDMI
cdmi-console A console for cdmi compliant APIs.
cdmi-explorer CDMI Explorer is a HTML/JS/AJAX browser-resident CDMI client that provides basic access to a CDMI server.
cdmifs A FUSE based file system using the CDMI standard. (also see: cdmi-serve)
cdmi-serve Serve files from a local filesystem using the CDMI protocol, a CDMI server.
cdmi-testsuite This is a CDMI test suite.
CDMI-z CDMI server implementation
CompatibleOne Open Source Cloud Broker
crime CDMI Reference IMplementation in Erlang
dCache/CDMI dCache mirror of the official SNIA CDMI reference implementation. This repo may contain improvements not present in the original SNIA codebase
jsCDMI CDMI Client written in AngularJS
libcdmi-java CDMI client library implementation in Java
libcdmi-python CDMI client library in Python
litong01/cdmi CDMI on OpenStack Swift implementation
ocmi-tester A TUI tester for OCCI and CDMI servers
openstack_cdmi_sdk This project has a .net SDK for CDMI implementation over openstack swift
R2AD-Android-Cloud-Client An open implemention of a management client which uses OCCI and CDMI specifications
R2AD-JavaFX-Cloud-Client An open implemention of a management client which uses OCCI and CDMI specifications
snf-cdmi CDMI v1.0.2 Server based on the Pithos+ storage backend
stoxy STOrage proXY - CDMI compliant server
swift-cdmi A CDMI implementation for OpenStack Swift on top of cdmi-spec CDMI Skeleton Server by @grnet
vcdm CDMI-Proxy provides CDMI-compliant proxy server to public cloud backends.

A VIM Plugin for that will load CDMI objects into a VIM buffer. The user can make changes to the object, and then write it back to the server.


Linear Tape File System (LTFS)

Project Description
LTFSArchiver Tools and services for LTFS, supporting libraries and manual drivers
ltfs-console An LTFS Bash/Dialog console application for formatting, reading, writing LTFS LTO tapes. 
ltopers Scripts for doing stuff with ltfs


Non-volatile Memory Programing Model (NPM)

Project Description
Linux kernel File support for DAX (Direct access memory)
llinux-pmfs Persistent Memory File System 
lNVML nvml: Linux NVM Library


Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (PTS)

Project Description
block-storage Block storage test suite based on SNIA's Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification Enterprise v1.1
ssd-test SNIA PTS 1.1 (enterprise SSD performance test spec) implementation


Self-contained Information Retention Format (SIRF)

Project Description
OpenSIRF OpenSIRF is an open source implementation of the SIRF format available under the MIT License.


Storage Management Initiative Specification (SMI-S)

Project Description
libStorageMgmt The libstoragemgmt-smis-plugin package contains plug-in for generic SMI-S array
OpenLMI OpenLMI-Storage implements the Filesystem Profile.
sblim-cmpi-smis-hba SBLIM CMPI HBA providers based on SMI-S standards
smis-fc-cinder-driver EMC SMI-S FC Cinder Driver for Havana
smis-iscsi-cinder-driver SMI-S iSCSI Cinder Driver for Havana
smis-providers The smis-providers contains the CIM providers to instrument the Volumes & Snapshots on the Linux filesystem
storageim StorageIM is a monitoring console for storage systems and networks designed around industry standards. StorageIM supports most storage arrays, switches, HBA's and storage libraries. This project is Zenoss extension (ZenPack) that makes it possible to model and monitor all SMI-S (Storage Management Initiative - Specification) compatible storage devices. It creates a /Devices/Storage/SMI-S Device Class for monitoring these storage devices


eXtensible Access Method (XAM)

Project Description
xam-commons An open source project of XAM compatible code
Xreplicator This program replicates data storage systems of XAM (eXtensible Access Method) technology.