Persistent Memory Summit 2020 Speakers

Piotr Balcer, PMDK Architect, Intel Corporation

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Stephen Bates, PhD, Chief Technology Officer, Eideticom

Stephen Bates is the CTO of Eideticom and is a renowned expert on topics like NVMe, RDMA, TCP/IP and NVM. He has worked on a range of complex storage and communication systems including NVMe controllers and PCIe switches developed by his former employer Microsemi (formerly PMC-Sierra). He enjoys working at the interface between hardware and software and is an active contributor to the Linux kernel. Before Eideticom he worked in the CTO office at PMC-Sierra and before that he was an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at The University of Alberta. He holds a PhD degree from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Andy Bechtolsheim, Chief Development Officer, Co-Founder, Arista Networks

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Richard A. Brunner, Principal Engineer, CTO Server Platform Technologies, VMware

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Soji Denloye, Software Development Engineer, Intel Corporation

Soji Denloye has been a software engineer at Intel for seven years in open source databases team. He was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and earned a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering from the Illinois institute of technology in Chicago.He has worked on performance characterization of open-source, big-data frameworks such as Hadoop, Spark and Cassandra. Most recently he helped develop PCJ and LLPL, which provide persistent memory support to java developers, and built a persistent memory storage engine for Cassandra.

Dave Eggleston, Principal of Intuitive Cognition Consulting

Dave Eggleston is the owner and Principal of Intuitive Cognition Consulting, and he provides strategy and business development services to leading NVM and Storage clients. Dave’s extensive background in Flash, MRAM, RRAM, and Storage is built on 30+ years of industry experience serving as VP of Embedded Memory at GLOBALFOUNDRIES, CEO of RRAM pioneer start-up Unity Semiconductor (acquired by Rambus), Director of Flash Systems Engineering at Micron, NVM Product Engineering manager at SanDisk, and NVM Engineer at AMD. Dave is frequently invited as a speaker at international conferences as an expert on emerging NVM technologies and their applications. He holds a BSEE degree from Duke University, a MSEE degree from Santa Clara University, and 25+ NVM related granted patents.

Jim Fister, Principal, The Decision Place; Director, SNIA Persistent Memory Software Enabling

Jim Fister is under contract with the SNIA as Director of Persistent Memory Software Enabling, focusing on building awareness for PM programming models across the globe.  He runs his own consulting company, The Decision Place, helping companies define and accomplish their strategic goals.  Jim has nearly 30 years of technology experience in semiconductor and software industries.  When he's not working on technology, he's wandering Central Oregon and other areas of the US kicking dirt clods on various trails.  Ask him about his dogs if you get the chance.

Eden Kim, CEO, Calypso Systems; Chair, SNIA Solid State Storage Technical Work Group

CEO of Calypso Systems, Inc. and Chair of the SNIA Solid State Storage Technical Work Group, Mr. Kim has been involved with every stage of the solid state storage industry. As one of the prime authors of the SNIA PTS SSD performance spec, Mr. Kim continues to lead industry research and development in new test and measurement methodologies for solid state storage.

Jim Pappas, SNIA Board of Directors; Director of Technology Initiatives, Data Center Group, Intel Corporation

Jim Pappas is a member of the SNIA Board of Directors and the Director of Technology Initiatives in Intel’s Data Center Group. At Intel, Jim is responsible to establish broad industry ecosystems that comply with new technologies in the areas of Enterprise I/O, Energy Efficient Computing, and Solid State Storage. Jim has founded, or served on several organizations in these areas including: PCI Special Interest Group, InfiniBand Trade Association, Open Fabrics Alliance, The Green Grid, and several emerging initiatives in his newest focus area of Solid State Storage. Jim has 30 years of experience in the computer industry. He has been granted eight U.S. patents in the areas of computer graphics and microprocessor technologies. He has spoken at major industry events including the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF), WinHEC, Storage Networking World, PC Strategy, Microprocessor Forum, Consumer Electronics Show, Server I/O and the Applied Computing Conference. He holds a B.S.E.E. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Scott Phillips, Software Engineer, Intel Corporation

D Scott Phillips works on Intel's FreeBSD Core OS team, which develops security mitigations and core platform enabling for the open source FreeBSD operating system.  Scott has worked on many open source projects for Intel, including Mesa 3D graphics, GStreamer media, and the Android OS. Scott's recent focus has been persistent memory enabling on FreeBSD.

Andy Rudoff, Member, SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group and Persistent Memory SW Architect, Intel Corporation

Andy Rudoff is a Senior Principal Engineer at Intel Corporation, focusing on Non-Volatile Memory programming. He is a contributor to the SNIA NVM Programming Technical Work Group. His more than 30 years industry experience includes design and development work in operating systems, file systems, networking, and fault management at companies large and small, including Sun Microsystems and VMware. Andy has taught various Operating Systems classes over the years and is a co-author of the popular UNIX Network Programming text book.

Jia Shi, Senior Director of Software Development for Exadata, Oracle Corporation

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Pratap Subrahmanyam, Fellow, VMware

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Yao Yue, Software Architect, Twitter, Inc.

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