Security Technical Work Group (TWG)

The Security Technical Work Group (TWG) consists of storage security subject matter experts who collaborate to define methods of increasing the security, privacy, and data protection of information residing within and the management of storage ecosystems.

The target audiences are the vendors and customers of storage networks and related technologies. The scope of work encompasses storage and storage networking security for installations from the departmental level to the multi-enterprise. The security of the stored information in heterogeneous environments is specifically addressed, and both long-term and holistic security solutions are areas of focus.

The Security TWG charter mandates that the TWG will:

  • Define requirements for storage security
  • Create architectures, interfaces, and best practices relevant to storage security
  • Identify new information storage security technologies
  • Define storage security terminology
  • Ensure storage security is included in related SNIA standards and specifications
  • Collaborate with external relevant standards and industry organizations
  • Create educational materials to promote storage security awareness

Program of Work

The Security TWG program of work is divided into the following areas:

  • General Storage Security– deliverables related to general security, compliance, and legal issues, requirements, and technologies.
  • SNIA Architectures & Specifications– deliverables specific to the SNIA standardization activities, including storage management (e.g., SMI-S) and cloud storage (e.g., CDMI) activities being lead in other TWGs and technical steering groups (TSGs).
  • Securing Storage Ecosystems– deliverables in the form of guidance and best practices related to securing storage infrastructures.
  • Information Retention, Preservation& Discovery– deliverables relate to securing data for long periods of time and/or to meet evidentiary obligations.

Relevant Organizations

The SNIA Security TWG participates in the development of International Standards, and liaises with the leading security-focused industry associations, including:

Interested in working with the Security TWG?

To inquire about joining the Security Technical Working Group, please send an email to