SFF IP Disclosures

When implementing a SFF TA  TWG specification it is important to note the possibility that it may require the use of an invention covered by patent rights. By SNIA distribution of SFF TA TWG specifications, no position is taken with respect to the validity of a claim or claims or of any patent rights in connection therewith.  All SFF TA TWG published specifications are considered SNIA Architecture and are covered by the SNIA IP Policy and as a result goes through a request for disclosure process.  The following information provides the status and results of the request for disclosures.  If a specification is not listed below then it has not been through the request for disclosure process.  Any questions should be addressed to the SNIA Technical Council Managing Director at tcmd@snia.org.

See the letter from the SNIA Secretary for additional details on this request for disclosure, including how to make a disclosure.

Active Request for Disclosures

E.g., 2022-11-27

There are no active requests for disclosures at this time.

Completed Request for Disclosures

E.g., 2022-11-27
IDsort descending Title Disclosure
SFF-TA-1009 Enterprise and Datacenter Standard Form Factor Pin and Signal Specification (EDSFF) Seagate , Western Digital
SFF-TA-1013 Fabric Device Mechanical Specification None
SFF-TA-1014 Fabric Attached Device Connector Amphenol1 , Amphenol2
SFF-TA-1015 Fabric Device Pinout Specification None
SFF-TA-1016 Internal Unshielded High Speed Connector System Amphenol , Luxshare
SFF-TA-1017 Vertical SFF-TA-1002 Connector SI Test Board Specification None
SFF-TA-1018 Right Angle SFF-TA-1002 Connector SI Test Board Specification None
SFF-TA-1019 Straddle Mount SFF-TA-1002 Connector SI Test Board Specification None
SFF-TA-1020 Cables and Connector Variants Based on SFF-TA-1002 Amphenol , Luxshare
SFF-TA-1021 PCIe Enclosure Compatible Form Factor (PECFF) Specification None
SFF-TA-1022 PCIe Enclosure Compatible Form Factor (PECFF) Thermal Reporting Specification None
SFF-TA-1023 Thermal Characterization Specification for EDSFF Devices None
SFF-TA-1026 Storage System High Speed Cable Interconnect None
SFF-TA-1032 Multi-lane External High Speed Cable System None
SFF-TA-1033 Internal High-Speed Cable / Modular Connector System None
SFF-TA-1034 Pluggable Multi-Purpose Module None