Data Governance & Security

A SNIA Industry advisory to SNIA members and other interested parties on a forthcoming IEEE standard for media sanitization.

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This document specifies the requirements and guidance for use of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol in conjunction with data storage technologies. The requirements are intended to facilitate secure interoperability of storage clients and servers as well as non-storage technologies that may have similar interoperability needs. This document was developed with the expectation that future versions of SMI-S and CDMI could leverage these requirements to ensure consistency between these standards as well as to more rapidly adjust the security functionality in these standards.

Security is top of the mind for CxOs and it has become a board level discussion in every organization. In this session, we will talk about technology trends and innovation in data protection and data security across Edge, Core and Cloud. Cyber security & ransomware are every day talk, security must be transformed with intrinsic security. What are we doing? How do we protect and recover fast from the cyberattacks?



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