Physical Storage

The NVMe management ecosystem has a lot of moving parts and confusing acronyms. In this overview, SNIA experts discuss various specifications and how they work together.

Everyone in the storage industry is talking about Non-Volatile Memory (NVMe®). This weekend, check out the following SNIA vendor-neutral educational videos specifically on this topic and the specification with these expert presentations:

  • NVMe 2.0 Specifications: The Next Generation of NVMe Technology
  • Enabling Asynchronous I/O Passthru in NVMe-Native Applications
  • Towards Copy-Offload in Linux NVMe

Updates from SNIA Forum, Initiative, and Committee Chairs

  • Data Protection & Privacy Committee
  • Networking Storage Forum
  • Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative
  • Compute, Memory, and Storage Initiative
  • Green Storage Initiative
  • Storage Management Initiative
  • Regional Updates

Updates from SNIA Technical Work Group Chairs (

  • Blockchain Storage TWG
  • Cloud Storage TWG
  • Computational Storage TWG
  • Green Storage TWG
  • I/O Traces, Tools and Analysis (IOTTA) TWG
  • Linear Tape File System (LTFS) TWG
  • Object Drive TWG
  • Scaleable Storage Management (SSM) TWG
  • Security TWG
  • Smart Data Accelerator Interface (SDXI) TWG
  • Solid State Storage TWG
  • Zoned Storage TWG

This specification describes the features and functions of a storage device class known as Native NVMe-oF Drives. It includes a taxonomy covering the scope of involved device capabilities.


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