Physical Storage

This session will be in the form of a discussion between Vasu and Joji as they examine the impact of emerging technologies on mid-range storage solutions.


Data centers are rapidly evolving with the advent in newer technologies and varied market needs. Lower TCO, long term device reliability, better cooling efficiency, lower power consumption without compromising performance becomes the key factors to a successful long term deployment architecture.

In this talk, we’ll cover the latest updates of the Microsoft Protocol Test Suites for File Services. Microsoft Protocol Test Suites are a group of tools that were originally developed for in-house testing of the Microsoft Open Specifications. Microsoft Protocol Test Suites have been used extensively during Plugfests and Interoperability (IO) Labs to test against partner implementations.

The Linux SMB3 client continues to be the most active network/cluster filesystem on Linux over the past year, and the progress on Samba server and the Linux kernel server has helped add new features to the SMB3.1.1 client in Linux, and made these improvements even more important.

ksmbd(cifsd) is a new SMB3 kernel server which implements server-side SMB3 protocol. The target is to provide optimized performance, GPLv2 SMB server, better lease handling (distributed caching). The bigger goal is to add new features more rapidly which are easier to develop on a smaller, more tightly optimized kernel server. Many changes and improvements have been made since cifsd(ksmbd) was introduced to earlier SDC 2019. This talk will give ksmbd overview and the current status update.

The SMB protocol was designed long after Unix was created, and as a result supported concepts like globally unique identities and rich ACLs that are in Windows, but not in Linux.

Under the raised floor tiles of data centers around the world you will find tangles of multi-colored cables and strange, other-worldly interconnects. The swill from the overflowing bitbuckets seeps its way down to this level, where even DevOps fear to venture. In the darkness of these digital depths, strange new creatures evolve. The new new breed of SmartNICs is an example.


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