SFF Specifications

The following database provides access to SFF TA TWG published and draft documents. The following explains the fields of the database.

  • Date – The date on the latest version of the SFF document.  If there is no draft available, this will be the date on the published document.  If there is a draft available, this date will represent the date of the latest draft.
  • ID – The document ID.
  • Title – The title of the document.
  • Published – The latest version number of the document that has been completed and approved for publication, if available. The version number is hyperlinked to the latest PUBLISHED document.
  • Draft - The latest version number of the DRAFT document that has been approved for public review, if available. The version number is hyperlinked to the latest DRAFT document.
  • Status – Reflects the following for the most recent version of the document:
    • Published – Documents that have been completed and approved for publication.
    • Draft –  Draft documents that have been made available for public review and comment.
    • Expired – Documents that are no longer maintained by the SFF TA TWG. Expired documents contain a cover page providing the reason for being expired (i.e., superseded, canceled, voided, obsolete, other).

Feedback on any document may be made through the SNIA Feedback portal at http://www.snia.org/feedback.


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Date ID Title Published Draft Statussort descending
2018-03-01 SFF-8679 QSFP+ 4X Base Electrical Specification 1.7 1.7.3 Draft
2018-07-10 SFF-9422 Drive Common Connector Platform Pinouts for USB 0.2 0.2.1 Draft
2018-06-08 SFF-8472 Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for Optical Transceivers 12.2 12.2.1 Draft
2017-04-21 SFF-8636 Management Interface for Cabled Environments 2.9 2.9.1 Draft
2007-01-23 SFF-8133 x4 & x8 CE-ATA Connector in the 30x40mm Form Factor - 1.9 Draft
2018-01-03 SFF-TA-1004 Tunable QSFP+ / QSFP28 Memory Map for ITU Frequencies - 0.0.10 Draft
2018-01-18 SFF-TA-1002 Protocol Agnostic Multi-Lane High Speed Connector 1.0b 1.1 Draft
2015-07-08 SFF-8629 Serial Attachment 4X Unshielded Connector 1.4 1.4.1 Draft
2015-08-26 SFF-8621 MiniLink 4/8X 24 Gb/s Interconnect Solution - 0.2 Draft
2018-03-20 SFF-8612 MiniLink 4/8X Shielded Connector - 0.9.1 Draft
2018-03-20 SFF-8611 MiniLink 4/8X I/O Cable Assemblies - 0.9.1 Draft
2017-07-06 SFF-8609 Management Interface for DriveConditions - 0.5 Draft
2017-05-05 SFF-8071 SFP+ 1X 0.8mm Card Edge Connector 1.8 - New Project Initiated
2012-08-08 SFF-8432 SFP+ Module and Cage 5.1 - New Project Initiated
2015-07-30 SFF-8418 SFP+ 10 Gb/s Electrical Interface 1.4 - Published
2015-11-17 SFF-8601 Speed Negotiation for Ethernet Drives 0.7 - Published
2015-05-08 SFF-8680 Serial Attachment 2X 12 Gb/s Unshielded Connector 2.1 - Published
1999-11-12 SFF-8072 80-pin Fibre Channel Tape Connector 1.2 - Published
2014-01-28 SFF-8417 Multi Conductor Cable Flex Cycle Test Procedure 4.5 - Published
2012-07-29 SFF-8553 Form Factor of 5 1/4" Optical Drives with SATA Interface 1.3 - Published