Computational Storage Use Cases

The goal of computational storage is to enable parallel computation and/or alleviate constraints on existing compute, memory, storage, and I/O. 

The SNIA Computational Storage Special Interest Group has gathered examples of computational storage use cases which demonstrate improvements in application performance and infrastructure efficiency through the integration of compute resources either directly with storage or between the host and the storage.

We invite you to review the videos in the SNIA Computational Storage Demo Series and bookmark the page as we add more use cases presented by our member companies. Contact us at with your questions and comments.

SNIA Computational Storage Demo Series: NGD Systems
This use case from SNIA CMSI member NGD Systems highlights running a MIcrosoft Azure IoT system on a computational storage device.

SNIA Computational Storage Demo Series: Eideticom Communications
This use case from SNIA CMSI member Eideticom Communications highlights transparent compression via a stacked filesystem and a NVMe-based computational storage processor.

More Computational Storage Use Cases