Swordfish API Conforming Products


Companies with SNIA Swordfish API Conforming Products

Companies that have successfully completed testing using the SNIA's Swordfish API conformance test will be listed here.  The Swordfish CTP test validates conformance to the Storage Management Initiative Swordfish Specification.

This page shows the companies that have tested against the Swordfish Test at a version which tests the SNIA Swordfish Specification version 1.2.2.

Click on the hyperlink to see the results of testing for the company with respect to the most recent set of tests offered by the SNIA's Conformance Testing Program.  If available, the Archive link will take you to the archive page which will direct you to test results which are older than version 1.2.2 of Swordfish.


Tested Swordfish Versions

When available, Click on the version of the test to go to the first test for the company for that version.

Example Company A 1.2.2