Frequently Asked Questions


How do I (or does my company) join the SNIA?
Visit Become a Member where you'll find information about the different SNIA membership categories and levels.

What needs to be completed in order to become a member?

  1. Signed copy of the SNIA membership application including signed intellectual property agreement
  2. Payment in full

Join SNIA Now!

What is the difference between a membership category and a membership level?

  • Category is based on your company's role in the storage industry (member, end user, educational institution)
  • Level is based on your company's annual revenue for a year

How much does it cost to join the SNIA?
Depending on your membership category the cost to join the SNIA ranges from $300 to $45,000 annually. Visit the Join Now page for more information.

What is a Forum?
Forums, which are focused on promoting a specific interest around which each Forum is established, function as marketing resources that both gather technical requirements and demonstrate the benefits of specific technologies to the marketplace. Despite the Forums' technology-specific focus, the SNIA overall remains a technology-neutral organization. For more information, see Forum and Initiative page.

What is an Initiative?
Initiatives for Storage Management and Green Storage function as both a marketing resource and align with specific technical development activities within the association. Initiatives can also sponsor software development, as is the case with the Storage Management Initiative. For more information, see Forum and Initiative page.

The fees associated with Forums and Initiatives are in addition to the general SNIA company membership fees.

How do I join a Forum or Initiative?
Visit any Forum or Initiative landing page and link to the registration site.

Will everyone in my company be a member of the SNIA?
If joining as a Member, End User company, or Educational Institution, every employee in the company is eligible to create a SNIA User account. Your company's domain name is entered into our database and any employee with the same domain name can enter the site, receive a username and password and join the e-mail lists. Click here to request your login.

If joining as an individual member, only you will be listed in the membership database. No one from your place of business can utilize your username and password to access the members' only site.

What if I work for a university?
SNIA has a complimentary educational institution membership for any approved applicant. If accepted, any one from your organization can have privileges on the SNIA members' only site.

What if I work for a small start-up company with a small budget? 
Your company would be eligible for a Non-Voting Startup membership if company annual revenue is less than $10M/year AND in business less than 4 years.

What is a Technology Affiliate?
A SNIA Technology Affiliate is a Technical Working Body consisting of a specifically named TWG(s) and is overseen by the Technical Council to execute on its technical deliverables; and is overseen by the Board of Directors to operate within its charter and resources.   The charter of a Technology Affiliate must be approved by both the Board of Directors and the Technical Council.

The fees associated with a Technology Affiliate membership are separate from SNIA company membership fees. A company does not need to be a general member of SNIA to be a member of a SNIA Technology Affiliate.   

How do I join a Technology Affiliate?
Complete SFF TA TWG membership application here

Web Site: Members-Only Section

How can I get access to the SNIA members-only website if my company is already a member of the SNIA?
You may sign up for a SNIA user account here.

Who do I contact if I've forgotten my SNIA members-only user account info?
Send an email to and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

How can I get on group reflectors once I am a member of the SNIA?

Your request will be approved by your comany's primary rep and processed by the group's Chair.

Marketing and Public Relations

Where can I get a copy of the SNIA logo?

Click here for the SNIA logo (jpg and eps).

How can I become a speaker for the SNIA?
If you are an active SNIA member, you can take advantage of speaking opportunities as they present themselves. Please contact

What SNIA event sponsorship opportunities are available?
Email for sponsorship information.

Contact Information

For questions about the SNIA organization, refer to the SNIA Staff page for a list of staff contacts and their respective roles within the Association.  Our SNIA Headquarters is located at 5201 Great America Parkway, Suite 320, Santa Clara, CA 95054 

For general questions, please contact us.