What is NVMe over Fabrics?

The NVMe® over Fabrics (NVMe-oF™) specification was created to enable non-volatile memory express (NVMe) commands that transfer data between a host and SSD or storage subsystem, to be completed over a networked fabric1. It accomplishes this by defining extensions to the NVMe interface that enable operation over a fabric other than PCI Express (PCIe) including:

Using NVMe-oF allows Hosts to access storage resources that are centrally located and managed. This enables storage resources to be efficiently shared amongst groups of hosts and prevents waste by helping to eliminate stranded storage capacity.   

Each NVMe transport may expose a memory model, a message model, or a combination of the two2.

Each transport has unique performance, availability, and scalability attributes, making each suitable for use in a unique set of use cases, environments and topologies.

More resources on NVMe-oF:

1 From https://nvmexpress.org/developers/nvme-of-specification/
2 NVMe-over-Fabrics-1.1-Ratified