Accelerating RocksDB with Zoned Namespaces

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Monday, September 23, 2019
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Zoned Namespaces is an exciting new interface in the NVMe specification. It expose a new storage interface between the host and SSD, in which the SSD exposes a set of sequential write only zones, that the SSD internally can align perfectly to its physical media characteristics. The new interface allows one to minimize SSD write amplification, improve throughput and latency, and extend the life of the SSD. However, to take advantage of it, one much have host support (file-systems and/or applications) that understands the interface, and can make efficient use of it.

In this talk, we show our solution in enabling RocksDB on top of this new type of SSDs, eliminating multiple layers between the SSD and RocksDB. We explain the work we had to do, the tradeoffs, and how to get you started with RocksDB on these new type of devices.

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