Applications have changed and someone forgot to tell storage

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Friday, May 24, 2019
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With DevOps becoming one of the most widely-used buzzwords in the industry, automated infrastructure management tools like Docker, kubernetes, Ansible etc. have been rapidly increasing in popularity and adoption. Persistent Storage for containerized stateful microservices such as MongoDB and PostgreSQL is one of its motive to drive storage vendors to plug in solution available to popular container orchestrator like Kubernetes. As containerization technologies enter enterprise market, they meet new functional demands such as providing and managing persistent, highly-available, parallel data access, yet a nimble clustered file system.
The proposed presentation is aimed to discuss in detail different challenges in designing a reliable  solution using parallel filesystem in containerized environment (showcasing Kubernetes, Cluster Filesystem as an example) and container lifecycle techniques to manage Persistent Storage using parallel filesystem.
Learning Outcomes
a. Understand how the clustered file systems are falling short for container workloads
b. Introduction to kubernetes's various approach in consuming Persistent storage
c. Learn pro's & con's using which a parallel, clustered filesystem in containerized environment


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