Best Practices for Cloud Security and Privacy (Fall 2014)

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Thursday, September 18, 2014
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As organizations embrace various cloud computing offerings it is important to address security and privacy as part of good governance, risk management and due diligence. Failure to adequately handle these requirements can place the organization at significant risk for not meeting compliance obligations and exposing sensitive data to possible data breaches. Fortunately, ISO/IEC, ITU-T and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have been busy developing standards and guidance in these areas for cloud computing, and these materials can be used as a starting point for what some believe is a make-or-break aspect of cloud computing.

This session provides an introduction to cloud computing security concepts and issues as well as identifying key guidance and emerging standards. Specific CSA materials are identified and discussed to help address common issues. The session concludes by providing a security review of the emerging ISO/IEC and ITU-T standards in the cloud space.

Learning Objectives

General introduction to cloud security threats and risks
Identify applicable materials to help secure cloud services
Understand key cloud security guidance and requirements