Consideration for adopting NVMeF for enterprise storage

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Thursday, August 24, 2017
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Enterprise storage are using advanced storage controller, flash based devices to improve performance along with advanced protocols like NVMe for Direct attached storage. We are getting advanced on storage front but we are not getting the enough performance within the data center as there has been a bottleneck at network level. There was a need to implement a network which can retain flash speed from Host (Server) to device (Storage). Latest technology disturbance in storage industry is NVMe Over Fabric, which takes the low latency of NVMe protocol over network. During this presentation, we will discuss about the different NVMe fabric options, their architecture, requirements for existing storage to move for NVMe over fabric solution, and challenges companies are facing for opting NVMe fabric solution. We will draw a matrix of the best suitable fabric for faster data transfer. We will also discuss about the end to end NVMe solution within a data center and validate the solution w.r.t. latency over Direct attached storage.

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