Data Center Workload Analysis

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016
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For years, enterprises have desired a way to ensure that an application will operate properly at scale on a particular storage array and network infrastructure, and increasingly, ensure that multiple applications can safely run at capacity on an all-flash or hybrid architecture. Companies need an approach that enables users to reference detailed workload analysis profiles as they build and share workload models, and simulate performance across a variety of vendors, products and technologies.

Learning Objectives

  • How to determine what the traffic related to an enterprise application implementation looks like from the perspective of the network infrastructure between application servers and storage arrays
  • How the application I/O workload can be modeled to accurately represent the application in production using storage analytics or vendor performance statistics to generate a synthetic workload model
  • How a statistical application model can be used to validate both array and network performance at varying traffic levels and rates to rapidly test if/then scenarios
  • How multiple application models can be combined to determine appropriate throughput and response time levels on a given array
  • How using these models can enable engineers and architects to cost-effectively test and confidently deploy new networked storage infrastructure