Deploying Simple Secure Storage Systems

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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This presentation is designed to take a user through the 3 most important basic areas of data storage that require security. These 3 areas can be highly vulnerable areas for customers in smaller to medium sized data storage deployments The goal is to show a simple entry level solution for customers that is several fold cheaper than large protection methods, while meeting acceptable corporate practices if a drive is lost, stolen, misplaced or needs to be re-purposed.

By combining existing methodologies of Key Management and SED (Self Encrypting Data) drive technology we can create a stand-alone secure data storage system.

Keeping the implementation simple provides an easily implementable model for customers and keeps the security model simple yet highly secure.

We currently have a customer we are working with that we can show is an actual example of this type of implementation.

Learning Objectives

Smash and Grab security
Secure drive erasure
Key Managment principles