Efficient Data Tiering in GlusterFS

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Monday, September 19, 2016
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Modern Software Defined Storage systems use heterogeneous storage media including disks, SSDs, and (soon) persistent memory. It’s important for these systems to identify, segregate and optimally utilize such storage media to gain advantages in performance, capacity and cost. Gluster's Data Tiering feature aims to help tackle these problems by segregating fast and slow storage into separate tiers, and providing intelligent movement of data across tiers according to dynamically observed current usage patterns. In this presentation, Rafi will discuss and demonstrate Gluster tiering, the use cases and future enhancements of this feature. Rafi will also discuss and compare on the heat indexing techniques used in Gluster, Ceph and DM cache, with their pros and cons.

Learning Objectives

Huge Cache Index
Hierarchical Storage Management
Optimized Data Bases
Software Defined Storage
Data tiering or Data classification in GlusterFS