Emerging Computer Architectures Powered by Emerging Memories

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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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This talk will discuss the latest trends in the growth of emerging non-volatile memories and look beyond at the emergence of new computer architectures which will use non-volatile memories for near memory and shared far memory. Emerging non-volatile memory technologies (such as 3D XPoint, MRAM and RRAM) are now available in the data center and in the next generation of AI-based IoT devices. Major foundries are making SoCs with MRAM and RRAM replacing NOR flash and SRAM. Non-volatile memory will play a big role in the data center, at the edge and endpoints.

  • The listener will gain an understanding of the changes in computer architecture coming with fabric based far memory.
  • The listener will learn about the latest trends in emerging non-volatile memory technologies.
  • The listener will learn about the various applications for emerging NV memories.

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