The Evolution of Cloud Storage - From "Disk Drive in the Sky" to "Storage Array in the Sky"

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Monday, September 20, 2010
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Widespread enterprise adoption of public cloud storage services requires new storage technologies to be developed that evolve capabilities from today's "disk drive in the sky" with security, performance, and data management issues, to an enterprise-grade "storage array in the sky" that is practically indistinguishable from on-site storage.

Learning Objectives

What are the shortcomings of today's cloud storage services that have hampered widespread adoption?
How must existing technologies like automated tiering, caching, and SSDs be adapted to solve these limitations?
How WAN networking technologies will be applied to storage to solve these limitations.
What data processing should take place prior to storing information in the cloud?
What problems can be solved with cloud storage that works like a "storage array in the sky" that cannot be solved with an on-site storage array?